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      Guizhou chi force teng trade co., LTD with source of new district in southern hunan international WuJiaoHua electromechanical market benefits,Each three provinces junction center city in guizhou,Global tourism demonstration area is a national。In the south of guiyang city,Lean on chongqing north,West sichuan province。In chongqing—Guizhou economic zone in the corridor of core and the main corridor,Bridgehead of chongqing cooperation in guizhou、Main position and area。Is in the southwest north and south、Connection、Jiang dahai important transport hub。After several years of steady operation and development,Has now become a set design、Development、Manufacturing and sales for the integration of industrial enterprises。

      Our company specializing in the production of wholesale zunyi fence netting,Highway guardrail net,Net framework the barrier,Bilateral wire fence,Fence netting at the airport,Prison guard rail net,Zinc steel guardrail,Zinc steel guardrail,The factory zinc steel guardrail,Slope fence,Take the initiative to defend the net,Passive fence,Passive ring network,Flexible fence,Cable guardrail,Wire mesh,Brooke,Titanium grams net,Grid network,A spider's web,Wait for all sorts of protection product,And with the progress of production technology,The production of all kinds of fence have reached the advanced level of domestic industry,Its quality has won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise。

      Our factory has the advanced management experience、Production process and quality control means,Ensure to provide high quality products。While we emphasize the quality of the products,Also actively communicate with the customer,Understand customers' requirements,To realize our shortcomings,And for customers to provide professional and timely after-sales service。

      Our employees unity,With the rigorous work style,Rely on advanced exquisite technical equipment in the industry、Excellent product quality、Efficient service concept,The fight for market share,Keep up with the pace of The Times、The quality of the pragmatic,We established the winner。Choose our products,Are you wise,Welcome customers to inquire,To make a further understanding about our products,Each other and mutual benefit,Create brilliant。 

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Active slope fence

Project name:Active slope fence

The project content:

Active slope fence system:      Was mainly used for wire rope net in all kinds of flexible net cover wrapped in protective slopes or required…

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Passive slope fence installation case

Project name:Passive slope fence installation case

The project content:

Passive slope fence:Passive protection system is made up of wire mesh,Wire delete network.Anchor,I steel column,Pull up and down the anchor rope,Reduced pressure ring,Base and the upper and lower support rope etc…

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The fence zinc steel guardrail installation case

Project name:The fence zinc steel guardrail installation case

The project content:

1、Zinc steel rail fence is a kind of flexible assembly products,Widely used in China's highway、Railway、Highway, etc;Can be made into a permanent wall,And can be used as a neighbor…

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Rail fence installation case

Project name:Rail fence installation case

The project content:

Rail fence netting is an important transport infrastructure,Safety and practicality in more strict requirements。 Structure: Columns can be divided into galvanized steel pipe、Peach type column、And dovetail column…

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Highway guardrail net installation case

Project name:Highway guardrail net installation case

The project content:

Highway guardrail net is introduced: General style is divided into:Triangle bending fence netting,Net framework the barrier,Bilateral wire fence,Double circle fence netting,Steel mesh anti-dazzle fence mesh。 On the surface…

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Fence netting is also known as the fence,A kind of flexible assembly products,With high strength、Good rigidity、Aesthetically pleasing、Installation is simple wait for a characteristic,Is an ideal metal wall,Widely used in China's highway、Railway、Highway, etc。

Zinc steel guardrail is made of zinc alloy fence,Since it has high strength、High hardness、Delicate appearance、Bright color, etc,Become the mainstream of residential area using the product。Surface USES the European import akzo Nobel antioxidant powder electrostatic spraying,To enhance the guardrail of oxidation resistance to ultraviolet light、Weather resistance and corrosion ability。

Slope fence and slope protection network、Titanium grams net, etc,Defend the net in highway railway slope landslide in use,With high flexibility,High protection strength,Easy to spread out。To adapt to any slope topography,The installer standardization、Systematic,Can be divided into active protection and passive protection。

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