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    The ancient romance
    • Deng's queen mother

      The sight of the garden,Her eye brow is smile,Pure romance,His heart beating。 A hall with high ceiling,He now quite perky,Her heart of love。 A GongXuan,A few degrees love\/hate。 A deep into the wall as the sea,What's more, is a harem,A woman full of place,Once involved in disputes,The undead endlessly。 She swallowed everywhere,Their tight everywhere,Her kindness,But repeatedly thwarted,Trembling with fear every day,...

      The author:Joe longed for combustion

    • Girls to burn

      “Two young lady with heart disease,Need to be doing the medicine bring relatives with heart blood and flesh,Before treatment……”Because a quack doctor,She was his father have gouged out of pride。With a heart big hole, she went to see his beloved man,But saw him with the younger sister received;This time she is the most desperate,But they still refused to let her off。They framed he stole the younger sister and brother-in-law hostaes engagement,They let her suffer a nasty castigates the pain,...

      The author:The surface

    • Ye,Princess married again

      Her husband ordered in Luo Qingtao executed。On the eve of execution,In order to live,She sold his to。Thought the life most sad thing is this,But don't know her life is tottering,At this time is just beginning……This world was not a coincidence,Much more intrigue,Also there will be a coincidence;Some people know nothing about love,To wushan for a long time,Also……Become a habit。——————————————————More...

      The author:Dream a dream said

    • Phoenix tackled burn

      Big more toward less general Fu Hua yesterday on the first day back to duty visit to Beijing,Dry under a great thing。His unmarried sister husband,Force people to do your own meeting the bride!But,Bridal chamber night,Fu Hua yesterday found,Grab the wrong person,Grab a genie is a fox came back。Return money,But please god is easier than to god,According to people Fu Hua yesterday into the bridal chamber。In a fog,Mighty domineering less general became the man kiss darling。Someone...

      The author:Ling flowers

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