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Company profile  
Company profile         The company's products is complete,According to different packing belt and conditions of use,System development and sales of pneumatic strapping machine、Manual strapping machine、Energy storage type electric strapping machine and so on different packaging machinery,According to the different conditions of use,Technical parameters,Packaging requirements,Provide customers with a variety of choice。For all of our products,Is emphasis on the characteristics of light,High efficiency and reliability,Our service tenet for customers improve production efficiency,Save the packaging cost,Do perfect product packaging。Another agent import packaging tools:Switzerland,Germany,Japan,Taiwan and other countries and regions of the original imported products,The main agent in SwitzerlandFROM,ORGAPACK,GermanyCYKLOP,JapanKOHAN KOGYO TaiwanZAPAKAnd so on【To check the details

The name:Shenzhen rongcheng city packing co., LTD  Contacts:Mr. Chen A mobile phone:13530732990

The phone:0755-29975654  Url:

Address:Shenzhen baoan xixiang nine wai yue sheng industrial park


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