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    Hin shuntian brand drying equipment is weifang shuntian mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., another leading industry,It is the modern electronic technology and the perfect combination of practical drying process。Hin shuntian company is a professional engaged in drying equipment research、Development、Science and technology enterprise specialized in manufacturing and marketing。
    Long hin shuntian company keep up with the development of the market and customer requirements,Combined with the practical experience of the company,Constantly develop and perfect products,Has reported four utility model patents,Each item is through our company and many experiments and established by the customer,In hundreds of users in the country has achieved a good reputation。


  The electricity Words :0536-3397077 18663638688
  Pass The true :0536-3110580
  Hand Machine :15863603525 13953686997
  Mail Box :wfstdz@126.com
  The ground The address :Shandong province linqu dongcheng bamboo temple ditch village street(South second ring road bamboo temple ditch village north east district,WoFu opposite)
  Net The address :www.wfstdz.com


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